Fighters flew to Belarus: Zhdanov assessed the threat of new missile strikes on Ukraine


Fighters arrived in Belarus: Zhdanov estimated the threat of new missile strikes against Ukraine

Joint tactical flight training of aviation units of the armies of Putin and Lukashenka has begun in Belarus. The Armed Forces of Ukraine note that air raid signals may be heard more often in Ukraine. Zhdanov assessed the threat of new strikes against Ukraine.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov spoke about this in a stream on his YouTube channel, Channel 24 reports. He stressed that the Belarusian media reported that fighters and cargo planes from Russia had already arrived in the country.

According to him,4 Su-34 fighters and 4 Su-30 fighters, as well as 4 AN military transport aircraft – three of them arrived from Russia, and one was already in Belarus.

That is, the Russian group of troops concentrated on the airfield in Baranovichi. After all, on January 16, tactical flight exercises of the joint Belarusian and Russian air forces began in Belarus. They will last 2 weeks until February 1,” Zhdanov said.

In his opinion,this is a threat. “After all, the Su-34 is a front-line bomber, and the Su-30 is a multi-purpose aircraft that can carry air-to-ground missiles,” the military expert emphasized.

According to Zhdanov, 4 AN aircraft are a Russian transport aircraft, probably a Ruslan of Ukrainian origin, which Russia produced in Voronezh.

“She riveted them as much as it could, until Ukraine stopped supplying spare parts for them, in particular engines. Therefore, there are quite a lot of them in Russia,” the expert added.

Zhdanov assessed the threat of airborne exercises in Belarus: video

What is known about the joint Russian-Belarusian exercise: in brief

  • On Monday On January 16, joint tactical flight exercises with Russia began on the territory of Belarus. All airfields and ranges of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Lukashenka's armed forces will be involved in them. The exercise will end on February 1.
  • Russian and Belarusian aviation plans to work out: conducting aerial reconnaissance, joint patrolling of the airspace along the state border; air support for groupings of troops, tactical airborne assault, delivery of cargo and evacuation of the wounded.
  • According to Ignat, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready for such exercises. Each aerial target of the Russian Armed Forces is known and understood by our military. “All the information is known, we will watch and respond if there are any threats,” the Air Force speaker emphasized.
  • They add that if a MiG-31 aircraft is lifted into the sky, the carrier of the “Dagger”, it does not matter if this is a training or training flight, there will be an air raid in Ukraine. The same with Tu-22M3 aircraft.
  • In addition, earlier military observer Alexander Musiyenko emphasized that all successful training grounds were involved in the exercises in Belarus. At the same time, according to him, ground forces are concentrated mainly on the western borders of Belarus – near Volyn, Poland and Lithuania. Is it possible to attack Ukraine – read the expert's opinion here.

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