Fighting for survival: what kind of game did Prigozhin play with the Kremlin


Fighting for survival: what kind of game did Prigozhin play with the Kremlin

Yevgeny Prigozhin is playing a difficult game to maintain influence in Russia after a military defeat. And the combat potential of his PMC Wagner is gradually disappearing.

Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko told Channel 24 about this. According to him, Prigozhin plays on several boards at once, having quite serious resources. Now he is trying to build up political influence.

The combat potential of PMC “Wagner” is gradually decreasing. According to various estimates, about two thirds of this group have already been disposed of. Prigozhin has no access to Russian prisons, which is why experienced mercenaries from Wagner are also dying now.

The combat potential of his group is melting. But there remains a fairly serious financial potential. Money comes from Africa for the robbery of the natural resources of the Central African Republic and other countries. It also has media potential – a troll factory and other resources, – said Yakovenko.

What will happen to Prigogine – 2 options

As Yakovenko noted, Prigozhin's position will depend on how the situation in Russia develops after the inevitable defeat. He sees two possibilities.

The first is that if the Putin regime survives after the defeat, certain procedures will follow to renew the government. Prigozhin may try to create his own group in parliament. And he may well be supported by representatives of the social bottom – former convicts, current convicts and future convicts.

He speaks their language very well. They definitely take it. Prigozhin claims the same electorate as the Liberal Democratic Party. He has certain perspectives. This is if there is an inertial option, – said Yakovenko.

What is the future of Prigozhin in Russia – Yakovenko's forecast: watch the video

If everything suddenly falls apart in Russia, then the so-called “distemper” will begin. Then Prigogine will take part in the “mafia wars” for the distribution of property and territory.

The combat potential of Wagner is important to him. That is why he is now actively agitating people in various sports clubs. There were even reports of recruitment in schools.

Prigozhin complains about the shortage of ammunition

  • As you know, Prigozhin is allegedly trying to win Vladimir Putin's trust by declaring “successes” in the Bakhmut area, where the Wagnerites are predominantly fighting.
  • At the same time, Prigozhin and the mercenaries criticize the Russian Ministry of Defense. In particular, minister Sergei Shoigu, the commander of the occupiers Valery Gerasimov, etc. fall under criticism.
  • In recent weeks, Prigozhin has been constantly complaining that the Wagnerites are not receiving ammunition. He even published a photo with the destroyed mercenaries due to the small number of shells.

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