Figs found an alternative to antibiotics

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Figs found an alternative to antibiotics

A substance has been found in figs that can be an alternative to antibiotics. Russian scientists from the Voronezh and Kazan State Universities, as well as the St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University drew attention to it.

This is reported in the material of the FAN. According to the source, ficin, derived from fig tree latex, was found in figs. He is then able to become a substitute for antibiotics. To establish the benefits of this substance, scientists conducted a series of experiments on rats. In particular, ointments and gels were equipped with ficin, which can be used to treat various lesions.

As a result, it turned out that with the help of ficin in animals, purulent wounds began to heal one and a half times faster. In addition, experts have come to the conclusion that this substance also counteracts bacterial films on the wound itself.

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