Filming naked girls in Dubai, Russian escapes from UAE

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Filming naked girls in Dubai, Russian escapes from UAE

Alexander Ten

Petersburg photographer Alexander Ten, whom the UAE police consider to be the photographer of the sensational photo session with naked girls on the balcony of a hotel in Dubai, fled to Russia. This was reported by the LIFE SHOT Telegram channel, citing a source.

It is noted that local authorities have established that the previously detained Russian Aleksey Kontsov is the organizer of the shooting, he remains in custody. Ten himself denies his acquaintance with Kontsov and insists that he has nothing to do with the scandalous photo shoot.

Earlier it was alleged that the detained IT-entrepreneur Aleksey Kontsov had nothing to do with filming a photo session with naked girls in a hotel, but only filmed what was happening from a nearby building.

On Saturday, April 3, videos and pictures of a nude photo session on the balcony of a popular hotel appeared on social networks – more than ten girls posed for the camera completely naked. The shots outraged the public, and on the same day the models were detained by law enforcement agencies. Initially, it was reported that among the girls were citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. However, later it became known that there were no Russian women among the detainees. After the trial, the girls face up to six months in prison and a fine for violating the laws of the UAE on decency.

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