Find the giant snake in the photo

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We know how you’ll spend the next few hours. No, the black and long one on the right is the hose!

Before you, the best minds of the Internet fought over this riddle. And it was planted by employees of the service for catching snakes in Queensland (this is in the USA). They took a picture in the courtyard of one of the private houses, where they arrived on call, posted the photo on Facebook and invited users to guess where the reptile was. To complicate the task, the insidious snake catchers did not name the type of reptile. (They didn’t name it, but we will give you a hint: python. Although we doubt that this knowledge will help you.)

Find the giant snake in the photo

What started here! Some shouted: “Yes, here she is, on the right on the lawn pretended to be a hose!” Others objected: “Open your eyes! The stick on the fence is actually a snake! ” Still others assured: “That little blue that whitens in the grass is a poisonous creature.”

However, no one guessed right, and the snake-catchers had to publish an enlarged photo.

Find the giant snake in the photo

On it you can see a giant python, timidly hiding its fat body in the trees in the upper corner of the fence.

Find the giant snake in the photo

We have enough of such cheerful optimistic riddles. You will love the Russian roulette puzzle.

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