Fines are provided for non-compliance with blackout schedules: how many oblenergos have already been fined



Due to the shelling of critical infrastructure in Ukraine, unfortunately, they are forced to introduce planned and sometimes emergency blackouts. These measures are assigned to oblenergos, which are required to comply with shutdown schedules in conditions of shortage.

However, not all electricity distribution system operators adhere to them. This was announced at an open meeting of the National Commission for State Regulation in the Energy Spheres (NKREKU), writes Channel 24.

Fine already 5 oblenergos, but this is not the end

NEURC has already fined 5 oblenergos for non-compliance with shutdown schedules in the face of electricity shortages. Of these, two operators were fined on 24 January. In general, it talks about:

  • DTEK Kyiv Electric Networks,
  • DTEK Odessa Electric Networks,
  • Vinnytsiaoblenergo,
  • Volynyoblenergo,
  • Chernivtsioblenergo “.

However, the commission does not stop checking the activities of oblenergos and postponed consideration of the possible application of fines to Lvivoblenergo, Ternopiloblenergo, Zakarpattyaoblenergo, DTEK Kyiv Regional Electric Grids and ” Poltavaoblenergo”.

DTEK Odessa Electric Grids will sue

In Odessa, they categorically disagreed with the fine from the NEURC. DTEK Odessa Electric Grids said they would appeal against it in court.

The company also added that 65 energy facilities were damaged due to the shelling of the terrorist country in the Odessa region. Therefore, DTEK specialists had to “raise the energy sector of the region from scratch” five times.

No other country in the world has experienced such massive terrorist attacks on its energy infrastructure. Under such conditions, energy companies are doing everything possible to evenly distribute the shortage of power among all consumers. The heroism of the Ukrainian energy industry cannot be questioned by the decision of the regulator, the company emphasized.

Therefore, DTEK said that they would make every effort to protect “the honest name of their employees from unfair and unfounded accusations.”

What is happening with the light in Ukraine: latest news

  • As of January 24, electricity production in Ukraine increased slightly. However, there is still a significant shortage of power in the network.
  • Earlier, Ukrenergo reported that Ukrainians increased their electricity consumption due to a cold snap across the country. The deficit was also affected by the last attack of the Russians on January 14, which caused significant damage to several power units of thermal power plants.
  • On January 23, emergency power outages were used in 7 regions. Schedules were temporarily disabled.

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