Fire breaks out at oil terminal in Saudi Arabia after drone attack

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Fire breaks out at oil terminal in Saudi Arabia after drone attack

A fire broke out at an oil terminal in Saudi Arabia after being hit by a drone filled with explosives. The incident was reported by the country's energy ministry, Arab News reports.

The ministry said that the shell hit one of the terminal's oil storage facilities in the port city of Jizan on Thursday evening, March 26. No one was killed as a result of the incident. “The target of the attack was not only the kingdom, but also the oil export itself, the stability of energy supplies, the freedom of international trade and the world economy,” a ministry spokesman said.

The military also managed to intercept several more drones filled with explosives, two of which tried to attack targets in the cities of Khamis Mushait and Najran. Yemeni rebels from the Ansar Allah (Houthis) movement were accused of the attack.

The attack came a day after Saudi Arabia proposed a solution to the war in Yemen, which has become one of the most protracted military conflicts in the Middle East. The plan provides that along the existing lines of demarcation between the parties to the conflict – the Houthis and the central authorities – will declare a truce under the strict supervision of the UN, with the United States and Oman as mediators. In addition, Riyadh guarantees the payment of salaries to all Yemeni civil servants and proposes to “fairly distribute budgetary money” received from the export of Yemeni oil.

The Yemeni conflict has been active since 2014. The Houthi rebels are believed to be supported by Iran and Hezbollah. Against them – the army of Yemen and the coalition of Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia.

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