First meeting of the year: Šmigal announced priorities for 2023


First meeting of the year: Šmigal announced priorities for 2023

On January 3, the first meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers was held in Ukraine. Prime Minister Denys Shmihal announced the government's priorities for 2023.

In particular, provision of our army, defense, Ukraine's integration into the EU and NATO. Channel 24 informs in more detail.

PM names 10 priorities for 2023

We are entering this year with a clear understanding of how to counteract the enemy, how to secure the front and keep the rear. We must remain united and continue to act as a single entity, – Denis Shmigal noted at a government meeting.

He also added that the president named the key priorities in his annual message.

The first priority is the provision of the army, defense and security

The first priority for 2023 is, of course, the provision of our soldiers, as well as defense and security. This year, half of the state budget will be directed precisely to providing everything necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. According to the prime minister, new programs for the production and purchase of weapons and equipment are being activated in Ukraine.

They also plan to actively create a security infrastructure. We are talking, in particular, about an extensive network of modern equipped shelters within walking distance.

The second priority is the integration of Ukraine into NATO and the EU

Another important priority is the integration of our state into the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance. Shmihal assured that Ukraine has already fulfilled 70% of the Association Agreement, and our defenders are moving to NATO standards right on the battlefield.

“In 2023, we are striving to start negotiations on membership in the European Union. To do this, we will develop a position on all 35 sections of the future Membership Agreement. We will prepare a delegation of professional negotiators who will bring us closer to the goal,” the prime minister stressed.

The third priority is the energy front

According to Shmyhal, the mandatory minimum program is to successfully complete the heating season, restore the damage caused by Russian barbarians, ensure the uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure, and improve the safety of energy facilities, especially nuclear power plants.

Russian attacks are pushing us towards a radical reform – building a decentralized energy system. Then she will be less vulnerable to enemy attacks. We are talking about the creation of mini-power plants and small generation facilities implemented in the existing energy system,” the prime minister noted.

Other priorities

  • The fourth priority is the restoration of Ukraine;
  • fifth – macro-financial stability and business support programs;
  • sixth – veteran policy;
  • the seventh is education;
  • the eighth is the continuation of the decentralization reform;
  • ninth – the introduction of mandatory pension savings and, in parallel with this, the reform of the stock market and the capital market;
  • the tenth is the reform of state property management and the reform of public administration.

2023 will be the year of our victory. We do everything possible for this. We are helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on whose shoulders our freedom rests and with whose hands our victory will be forged,” summed up Denis Shmihal.

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