First UN humanitarian convoy arrives in Soledar region


First UN humanitarian convoy arrived in Soledar region

A UN humanitarian convoy arrived in Ukrainian-controlled areas near Soledar on the morning of January 20. Cars deliver food, water and medicine for civilians.

This was told by UN spokesman Jens Lerke. According to him, about 800 local residents who have decided not to leave are in dire need of help.

UN Gumconvoy arrived in Soledar region

Lerke told that the UN staff arrived on the morning of January 20 in the areas controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Soledar in the east of the Donetsk region.

The humanitarian convoy consists of three trucks. They have brought aid to more than 800 people who remain in the communities around Soledar.

This is the first multi-agency humanitarian convoy to arrive in the area as the fighting has caused widespread destruction, – the speaker added.

According to him, the UN informed both Ukraine and Russia in advance about the arrival of the humanitarian convoy.

Fighting continues in Soledar

Recently, the head of the Center Alexander Musienko, a military legal researcher, said that hostilities are still ongoing in Soledar.

According to him, an indicator that even Russia does not have confidence is manifested in the fact that the occupiers constantly announce that they allegedly took Soledar .

Musienko stressed that the situation in the city has not yet been determined and it is not such that it can be stated that Russia has captured everything. He added that now time is being won to receive support from the West.

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