“Fleeing from the shelling, we slept in the field”: the story of a family of migrants


&quot ;Fleeing shelling, we slept in the field

“Fleeing shelling, we slept in the field”: the story of a family of migrants/Suspіlne

The Gadyatsky family told how they were evacuated to Vinnitsa during the shelling of the Kharkiv region. The journey took 4 days and turned out to be a difficult ordeal.

On the way to a safe settlement, a family with two children and two dogs repeatedly slept in the field. And the abandoned house became the first refuge.

The family left for Kharkov, but it turned out to be dangerous there

Even at the beginning of a full-scale war, the family of Kharkovites moved to their dacha (17 kilometers from Kharkov), but devastating shelling with hail began there.

Neighbors completely demolished the second floor. We stayed there for 2 days and realized that it was impossible to stay with children. We traveled to Vinnitsa for 4 days,” said Olga Krinichnaya, who was evacuated with her family.

They ran out of the house in what they slept, Olga recalls. Volunteers subsequently helped with clothing, food and everything necessary. Where they were going, they didn't know. They were ready for any conditions in order to get out alive from the shelling.

Now the family is staying in the village of Stepanovka

The family was looking for a house where they could at least spend the night. We found one in the village of Stepanovka. The owner of the house immediately let the family in after hearing their story.

No one lived in the house for several years. Heating – stove. Food is cooked in a slow cooker. They all sleep together in the same room. Olga's son Artem says it's better than living under constant shelling.

David is Olga's godson. He and his parents are also immigrants from Kharkov. They live next door. He says that at the age of 12, tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters and planes dropping bombs and missiles – he saw only in films and games. our swing. They have already been expelled from there, – said David Pokhodenko.

Olga's husband Alexander Gadyatsky is now with his family. But, he says, he wants to return home to Kharkov in the near future in order to protect his home and country.

The Gadyatsky family about evacuation to the Vinnitsa region:

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