Flew to the ammunition depot in Belgorod: Russia claims the death of the National Guard


Flew to an ammunition depot in Belgorod: Russian guardsmen are reported dead

On October 13, an ammunition depot near Russian Belgorod detonated loudly. In Russia, they have already announced the victims of the National Guard.

They also reported the dead. The Russian media write about this.

As a result of the explosion, Russian Guardsmen were injured

As reported in Russia, 14 members of the Russian Guardreceived injuries of varying severity as a result of the shelling of the Oktyabrsky village in the Belgorod region. In addition, a few more members of the National Guard died.

Also, the head of the investigative committee instructed to open a criminal case. In Russia, they claim that the ammunition depot in the village of Oktyabrsky, Belgorod Region, was allegedly fired upon by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. As a result, a detonation occurred.

What is known about the detonation of the ammunition of the Russians

Explosions were heard near Belgorod on the evening of October 13. Yes, an ammunition depot detonated, although earlier they talked about the fire of a sugar factory.

They wrote on the net that the explosions resulted in “careless handling of electric heaters”. At first, Russia was convinced that ” detonated the sugar factory. Later it turned out that the explosions had taken place at an ammunition depot.

Governor of the Belgorod Region Gladkov confirmed that an ammunition depot had exploded in Oktyabrsky. True, he traditionally blamed the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Let us recall that on October 14 in Russian Belgorod they disgraced themselves again – the infidels once again launched rockets, but they fell in their city. As a result, the rails on the railway were partially damaged.

Also, in Belgorod, the last floor of a multi-storey building was demolished from a missile strike. Previously, these are their own missiles falling.

In addition, on October 12, another explosions were reported in Russian Belgorod.

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