Florida resident filled up the house with parcels

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Florida resident filled up the house with parcels

Several posts from American Florida posted on TikTok went viral at once. The videos, filmed by different people, show mountains of parcels with the logo of Amazon, the largest online store not only in the United States, but worldwide.

Now everyone is wondering – what did the person order in such incredible quantities, so much so that the mountain of boxes delivered to his house completely closed the first floor of the building.

The courier made large parcels into the wall from several rows, she closed the first floor of the house.

Several neighbors of the recipient immediately filmed the upload process, and the total number of views of these popular videos approached 3 million times.

You can order anything on Amazon. And tiktokers express a variety of versions. There are suggestions that in bulk quantities a person could buy materials for the renovation of his apartment, a huge library or stocks of diapers for his child.

There is also an assumption that the invisible hero of the video himself owns an online store in which he resells goods from Amazon.

It is also possible that the boxes contain personal belongings of a high-ranking Amazon employee who lost his job and sent them home from his office using delivery at the expense of the now former employer.

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