“Flying aircraft carrier” the United States will make it more dangerous

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In the United States, they are working on airborne drones under the Gremlins program. The system with their participation is already called a “flying aircraft carrier”. It turned out that its capabilities will be broader than expected.

According to Naked Science, the US Department of Defense is exploring the possibility that the personnel of the aircraft carrier of the drones could load a new payload onto them. As the president of Kratos' unmanned systems division explained, the US government wants the Gremlins to be airborne and redeployed. So they will carry out more than one mission.

It is not yet clear what kind of payload the unmanned aerial vehicles will be able to carry. This number, however, should include weapons. There is also information that drones will be able to carry sensor units, electronic warfare systems and small warheads. UAVs will also be able to work in a stand-alone network “swarm”.

It's worth noting that Gremlins drones are relatively small. Their wingspan reaches 3.5 meters. The payload mass is about 65 kilograms.

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