Foaming at the mouth: in Rivne, a boy bit through a laundry capsule


Foaming at the mouth: in Rivne, a boy bit through a laundry capsule

In Rivne, a tragedy nearly happened to a 2-year-old boy. The child bit through the laundry capsule, but the doctors managed to save the little patient.

The accident happened on Wednesday, March 15th. The mother of the child immediately noticed what had happened and called the doctors.

The boy is foaming at the mouth

The boy was frightened because he swallowed washing powder, and foam came out of his mouth. Thanks to the operative actions of the ambulance team that arrived at the place of the call, the condition of the little patient improved. They washed his stomach, but decided to hospitalize him in the Rivne Regional Children's Hospital, accompanied by his mother. A few hours later, the child was discharged from the hospital with a diagnosis of poisoning.

The accident was reported to law enforcement. Doctors are urging parents not to leave their children unattended and to keep dangerous household items out of their reach.

Accidents with children

  • In the Kyiv region, a 4-year-old child got lost in the forest while walking with his parents. In search of the child, a criminal block, juveniles, special forces, and patrol officers were promptly raised. Cynologists and police shepherds followed the girl for 6 kilometers. In the end, the law enforcement officers heard the cry of a child in the forest, which helped to find him.
  • In the Zaporozhye region, two children received mine-explosive injuries. They found a cylindrical object on the street and brought it home. During the game, the explosives detonated.
  • A similar incident occurred in the Kharkiv region. In the city of Izyum, a teenager found an anti-personnel mine and decided to plant it. As a result, it detonated, 8 children were injured.

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