For a long time, evacuation in Popasna has been associated with a risk to life, – Gaidai


The evacuation in Popasna has long been associated with a risk to life, – Gaidai

Gaidai commented on the evacuation from Popasna/Channel 24 collage

< strong _ngcontent-sc86="">Despite the shelling of the Russian military, the Ukrainian authorities are carrying out evacuations in the Lugansk region, including from Popasna, where the evacuation bus was shot down. The invaders fire at the evacuation buses, even when they are coordinating humanitarian corridors.

Everyone who participates in the evacuation is risking their lives

The head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai, on the air of the Rada channel, said that the evacuation from Popasna is associated with a risk to life, Channel 24 reports. According to him, everyone who participates in the removal of people is risking their lives.

Every day of evacuation in Popasna has long been associated with a risk to life for everyone. For those who are involved in the evacuation, for people directly, for drivers, for accompanying people,” Gaidai said.

He stressed that infidels fire at evacuation buses, even when Russia coordinates humanitarian corridors.

The Russians shot down two evacuation buses in Popasna

  • Cynical Russian troops continue to fire on civilians. The Russian military near Popasna fired on a car with volunteers and a police bus that was carrying help. Fortunately, everyone survived.
  • It also became known that infidels shot evacuation buses in Popasna. Communication with the drivers has been lost.

The evacuation continues despite the shelling

Gaidai said that despite the difficult situation in the Luhansk region, the evacuation is not stopped

We are constantly being evacuated from Lisichansk, Severodonetsk, and even Rubizhne and Popasna… No matter how it is, people are being taken out anyway, – said the head of the Luhansk OVA.

He also said that people are being taken away from the Mountain Community.

Gaidai said that at present, local authorities are negotiating about buses for taking people out. He also assured that the evacuation in the Luhansk region would continue until the last day, as long as possible.

Where the evacuation will take place on April 30

On Saturday, April 30, the residents of Rubizhne, Lisichansk, Severodonetsk, Gornaya community, Popasnaya will be evacuated.

Meeting points for organized departure to railway stations:

  • Lisichansk:

city center, st. them. V. Sosyury, 324, State Emergency Service; KV. 40 Years of Victory, near the house 15

  • Privilege:

central square;

  • Severodonetsk:

City Palace of Culture, Khimikov Ave., 28;

  • Rubizhne:

Pivdenny Palace of Culture, st. Chekhov, 11.

  • Gorne:

House of Culture of Ukraine. Gagarina 13a

  • Popasnaya

st. Mira 155 and 142

Evacuation train

Ukrzaliznytsia also reported that a free evacuation train will depart from Pokrovsk on April 30 to evacuate residents of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

Train 234 /233 Pokrovsk – Chop will depart at 16:30.

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