For “Gazprom” it's death – the political strategist explained how Ukraine will benefit from the gas blackmail of Russia


For Gazprom, this is death, – political strategist explains how Ukraine will benefit from gas blackmail Russia

Putin arranges gas blackmail for Europe. He declares that without Russian gas, everyone will freeze.

The Kremlin is ready to go far with this blackmail, because it can endure lack of money for some time. Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman said this for Channel 24.

“Gas for Russia is real money. They are ready to give it up for a while. This money is important for Russia. However, only one country benefits from this blackmail. This is Ukraine,” the political strategist said.

The European Union will be able to answer

According to Sheitelman, Vladimir Putin and Gazprom do not show themselves as economic players or business partners. They prove that energy carriers are also a type of weapon used specifically against Europeans.

“He threatens to freeze the Europeans? That is, to kill EU citizens or make them sick. Putin threatens this. I am 99.9% sure that the EU’s response will be a terrible economic blow to Russia, new sanctions,” Sheitelman said.

Gazprom may not exist

The political strategist noted that Ukraine will have problems with heating because we are at war. As for the European Union, they definitely have enough gas. The only problem is when there may not be enough for the chemical industry, and the EU will buy gas more expensively in other countries.

For example, the profitability of the German chemical industry will decrease. We'll have to be patient. This is a loss, perhaps 1% of GDP, but Russia will lose 30% of its exports on this. Therefore, it plays into our hands, for Europe it is a small economic harm, and for Putin it is a huge damage. For Gazprom, this is death, because the war will someday end, and Gazprom will no longer be a player,” Sheitelman explained. : watch the video

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