For Xi Jinping, this is even a gift, Putin will be more accommodating, – Gallyamov about the “mark” from The Hague


For Xi Jinping, this is even a gift, Putin will be more accommodating, - Gallyamov about the

On the eve of Xi Jinping's visit to Moscow, the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. Experts suggested that because of the “black mark” received by the Russian dictator, the Chinese leader may cancel his visit to Russia.

However, Russian political scientist Abbas Gallyamov noted that this “black mark” is not the only factor influencing Xi Jinping's decision. He told Channel 24 about this. In his opinion, the head of the PRC cannot afford to be manipulated to such an extent as to change his agenda depending on the current situation.

Putin has become weaker

According to him, from the point of view of China, which has not signed the Rome Statute, the International Criminal Court is not the highest instance.

Some international organization has decided something. China does not agree with this – it expressed its opinion on this matter. the political scientist noted.

Xi Jinping's visit to Russia: watch the video

He believes that the content of the strategy towards Russia and Putin has undergone adjustments in connection with these events.

“Xi Jinping noted that Putin has become weaker. And, accordingly, even more dependent on China. To some extent, this is a gift for the leader of the PRC – Putin will be even more accommodating,” Abbas Gallyamov stressed.

Arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin from the ISS in The Hague: reaction in the world

  • Germany is ready to arrest the President of Russia. This was stated by the Minister of Justice of Germany Marco Buschmann. The German minister stressed that his state would not abandon its obligations and would fulfill the order.
  • Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said that an arrest warrant for Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin would have negative consequences. He allegedly will continue the war in Ukraine.
  • The Russian president is expected to visit South Africa in August to attend the BRICS summit. However, it should be noted that so far there has been no official confirmation of Putin's visit. In South Africa, they said they are aware of their legal obligations. However, we will continue to engage with various stakeholders until the summit.

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