Forced passportization intensified: occupiers in Donbas manipulate work


Forced passportization intensified: invaders in Donbas manipulate work

Russian passportization continues in the occupied part of Donbas. Residents of Donbass, in order to stay at work, must necessarily renegotiate employment contracts on a Russian passport.

Details were told by a well-known blogger from Donetsk, Vitaly Ovcharenko, who now serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ovcharenko stressed that residents of the occupied territories are now simply forced to take Russian passports in order to feed their families.

And this is another issue of collaborationism that we have to solve, – he added.

Let's add that the occupiers in the territories temporarily occupied by them often violate the laws and customs of war. One of the most flagrant examples of ignoring the norms of international law is forced passportization of the population. By means of passportization of the population, the enemy wants:

  • strengthen their future negotiating positions and legitimize further armed aggression against Ukraine by the need to “protect Russian citizens”;
  • obtain personal data of Ukrainians and form an “electoral base” for holding pseudo-referendums according to the Crimean or Donbass scenario;
  • < li>use the population of the occupied territories as a resource to replenish the ranks of the Russian army.

Pay attention!In order to avoid forced passportization, which the occupiers have significantly accelerated, one should leave for the territory controlled by Ukraine. It is difficult, but possible.

Ukraine's reaction to this

Ukraine does not recognize the forced automatic acquisition of Russian citizenship by residents of the temporarily occupied territories. In addition, forced passportizationis not a reason for the loss of citizenship of Ukraine.

Worthy of attention!Ukraine is not going to punish citizens who are forced to take a Russian passport. After all, he understands that under conditions of occupation, the ability to receive medical care, save property, receive pensions and social benefits depends on this.

At the same time, officials, law enforcement officers, judges and other citizens who voluntarily obtain Russian citizenship for occupation administration and other forms of cooperation with the enemy will be responsible for their actions. The Criminal Code of Ukraine provides for punishment for collaborationism, high treason and other crimes against state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

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