Forecasters warned Russians about dangerous showers

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Forecasters warned Russians about dangerous showers

Forecasters warned Russians about dangerous showers

Forecasters warned Russians about dangerous showers. Heavy rainfall is expected on the territory of the Krasnodar Territory and regions of the North Caucasus, according to the website of the All-Russian Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergencies. Experts note that due to such heavy rains and waterlogging of the soil, the likelihood of exogenous geological processes increases. – destruction of rocks and erosion of the terrain.

Regional authorities are advised to notify everyone about the risk of an emergency and take certain measures to minimize the likely damage from the disaster.

Meanwhile, the first frosts are approaching the Leningrad Region. They are expected by the end of the working week. On Wednesday, September 15, strong winds are forecast in the region with gusts of up to 17 meters per second. On Friday, the temperature may drop to minus values. On September 17, two degrees below zero are forecast in some areas. Local residents were asked to take precautions on the street and be attentive on the roads.

Scientists say the change in winds will bring extreme weather to Europe by 2060. Researchers from the University of Arizona analyzed how air currents in the North Atlantic have changed over the past 1250 years. This helped to make a forecast for the future, and it turned out to be very pessimistic.

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