Foreign Ministry rejects the presence of an ultimatum in Russia's proposals to the United States

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Deputy Foreign Minister Grushko: the time for semitones in the dialogue with NATO has passed, but there is no ultimatum yet

Foreign Ministry rejects the presence of an ultimatum in Russia's proposals to the United States

Photo: press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry / RIA Novosti

Russia's proposals for the United States and NATO lack the character of an ultimatum, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. At the same time, Washington must understand that Moscow will respond proportionately if the alliance countries deploy “strike weapons” on their territory, Rossiyskaya Gazeta reports.

“I absolutely do not consider them (Russia's proposals on security guarantees – note from ) as ultimatums. Our suggestions are very clear. The time of half-tones, faith in the word – it has passed, “- said Grushko. At the same time, the Deputy Minister added that the current situation in relations between the two sides is very serious and requires “a principled conversation with one eye to another.”

Grushko stressed that Moscow is ready to commensurately respond to Western countries in the event that strike weapons appear in the vicinity of its borders, capable of hitting targets on Russian territory within a few minutes. “We will be forced to create an adequate situation for our partners,” the diplomat said.

For Russia, the current situation on its borders is unacceptable, the Foreign Ministry spokesman is sure. Previously, the line of contact with NATO was only in Turkey and Norway, but now the alliance's troops have almost come close to the western borders of Russia in Eastern Europe. He accused NATO of violating the agreements reached by the leaders of the Western countries and the USSR in 1990-1991. “Is it possible to imagine that when [Soviet President Mikhail] Gorbachev raised the issue of NATO’s non-advancement to the east, these politicians (leaders of NATO countries – note ) would answer him in today's language? They say, excuse me, Mikhail Sergeevich, there is a Washington Treaty, and the states themselves will decide where to join or not to join, ”Grushko was indignant.

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