Forgotten by the world, but not by Azov: how civilians live in the basements of Azovstal


Forgotten by the world, but not by Azov: how civilians live in the cellars of Azovstal

How civilians live in the basements of Azovstal/Screenshot of the video metallurgical plant “Azovstal” in Mariupol, where they hide from the bombs of the Russian military. The Ukrainian regiment “Azov” once again showed the conditions in which people have to fight for their lives.

People at Azovstal did not see sunlight for a month and a half

Hundreds of women and children, including many babies, are hiding from Russian shelling at Azovstal. Civilians were practically left without a livelihood.

In a video posted by Azov residents, a soldier distributes military rations to people. Civilians have actually become hostages at Azovstal, because they are afraid to go out into the street because of the constant shelling of the Russians.

People say they haven't seen sunlight for a month and a half. They say that the children in the shelter are constantly crying. Also, there are no diapers for newborns, which is why they have to sew improvised diapers from plastic bags.

How civilians live in the basements of Azovstal – video

Civilians are in constant darkness and spend the night among damp walls covered with mold. Because of the humidity, the washed clothes do not dry, and people have to breathe polluted air.

Azovstal hostages say they want to get out safely and survive. They do not understand why there is no help and how much longer they will be in captivity. They also demand to stop Russia's military aggression against Ukraine.

We want to live, we want to live in our city, in our city. We want to live normally and peacefully. We are tired of bombings and airstrikes on our land,” one of the women at Azovstal said.

What is the situation in Mariupol

  • the blockade of the Russian military for almost two months. According to preliminary data, about 22 thousand people died in the city.
  • The Ukrainian military, along with civilians who managed to survive, are at the Azovstal metallurgical plant. The Russians are continuously shelling it.
  • President Vladimir Putin ordered Russia not to storm Azovstal, but the Russians continue to bomb the plant.
  • The Ukrainian side demands in Russia to provide humanitarian corridors to take away civilians. However, infidels constantly disrupt the evacuation by shelling.

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