Former McDonald's employee reveals restaurant secrets

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Former McDonald's employee reveals restaurant secrets

A TikTok user and former McDonald's employee has revealed several secrets of the fast food restaurant chain. He uploaded the video to his TikTok account.

Michael Ryan (Michael Ryan) under the nickname evilglitterqueen shot a video in response to a video user annaxjames, who invited former employees of large corporations to tell about their secrets.

“You think it's just fast food and that's it, but there is so much science behind it,” he began his story. Ryan explained that the McDonald's straws are specially made to be large, allowing more gas to enter the tongue, making the soda tastier. What's more, he said, the chain is ordering a sweeter syrup for soda machines from Coca-Cola on purpose.

Then the author of the video explained how the chicken in the salad looks so appetizing: salt water is injected into it from a syringe. Finally, Ryan revealed the last secret: Ice cream in a fast food restaurant is made with whipped cream, and the vending machine is cleaned only once a week.

Earlier, an employee of the American restaurant chain McDonald's published a video on the TikTok platform in which she revealed a proven way to get free food. She stated that if the order had to wait too long, or something was mixed up in it, the money would be returned for it, and the mistake would be corrected. The girl noted that this will happen if you speak calmly and politely with employees.

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