Former Polish president infected with coronavirus

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78-year-old former Polish President Lech Walesa infected with coronavirus

Бывший президент Польши заразился коронавирусом

Lech Walesa. Photo: Bartosz Banka / Agencja Gazeta / Reuters

Nobel Peace Prize winner, former Polish President Lech Walesa has contracted coronavirus. The politician told about it on his Facebook page.

“I’m infected. My head hurts. I can’t get warm,” said 78-year-old Walesa. He stressed that he had been vaccinated against coronavirus infection three times. The former head of state noted that he does not feel his own body and cannot do anything about it.

Earlier it became known that over the past 24 hours, 3,777,104 infected COVID-19 were registered in the world, which is a record daily figure since the beginning of the pandemic. As of 18:42 (Moscow time) on January 20, 336,790,193 infected people were detected in the world during the day.

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