Former “Putin's mistress” want to expel from Switzerland

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Former "Putin's mistress" ; they want to be kicked out of Switzerland

A petition with such a demand to the government of the country gained almost 40 thousand signatures.

Former Russian athlete and State Duma deputy Alina Kabaeva, who is called the favorite and mistress of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is required to be deported from Switzerland, where she is now.

Activists have initiated a collection of signatures for a corresponding petition on the website.

“ Dear Swiss Confederation, why do you allow members of the Putin regime to stay in the country? Please connect Alina “Eva Braun” Kabaeva with her “Fuhrer” Vladimir Putin,” the appeal reads, most often signed by citizens of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

The authors of the petition emphasize that the former Known as a favorite of the dictator and war criminal Putin, who unleashed a devastating war in Ukraine, Alina Kabayeva, a professional athlete, is said to be with her children in Switzerland, where she is hiding from the effects of sanctions and may have already received citizenship.

Activists recall that Kabayeva was one of the initiators of the bill that made it impossible for foreigners to adopt thousands of Russian orphans when she was a member of the Russian State Duma from Putin's United Russia party. They also emphasize that Kabayeva supports the war in Ukraine.

One thought on “Former “Putin's mistress” want to expel from Switzerland

  • Please deport Putin’s lover Kabaeva from Switzerland, there is no place for her in the democratic society. She cannot enjoy democracy being against it by supporting the war in Ukraine. Take away property, it is stolen from Russian people. There is a very strong Russian word for people like her and her lover Putler – MRAZ’ . Do not allow her to live in your country, deport her to Russia to her Mraz’ Putler.

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