Former U.S. presidential bodyguard trains Zaporozhye Troop


Former U.S. presidential bodyguard trains Zaporozhye Troop

A volunteer from Canada became an instructor in the Zaporozhye Territorial Defense Brigade. Previously, he was part of the security team of the Presidents of the United States and the Queen of England.

After the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Canadian joined the ranks of the International Legion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and now he is transferring his experience to the Zaporizhzhya Terrorists.

What is known about the instructor of the Zaporizhzhya TRO

A Canadian with the call sign Hund served in the police for 30 years and was a member of the security team of the first persons of states – the presidents of the United States, the prime ministers of Canada, the Queen of England and the prince, as well as the current King Charles of England.

After the outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine, Hund joined the international legion. The man was convinced that thanks to his experience he would contribute to the victory of Ukraine.

I had a 30-year career in the police, I was part of the team of bodyguards for world leaders. I have been in real combat conditions where a police officer can be stabbed, beaten, shot or killed. And that was my daily job. I served in the military, but I quit because Canada is at peace,” Hund said.

Why Hund came to Ukraine

The husband admitted that a peaceful life is not for him. He wanted to be in combat conditions, so he joined the police, where he realized that “danger awaits you all the time, not only during the war.” Therefore, when a full-scale invasion began, he came to help the Ukrainians without fear.

Ukraine is doing great, but it needs help, it needs the help of the whole world. That's why I'm here to help, as I did as a police officer. Help people who are ready to fight, but they need more resources, money, experience and training to defeat the giant. I have always been a warrior, I was the first in the family to join the army and then the police. I always wanted to help if I suppress someone and I always come to the rescue,” the instructor added.

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