Former US presidents proposed to be sent to a meeting with Putin

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Political scientist Ullman proposed to send former US presidents to meet with Putin

Former US presidents proposed to be sent to a meeting with Putin

Photo: Chris Helgren / Reuters

Harlan Ullman, senior adviser to the Atlantic Council in Washington, has proposed convening a council composed of predecessors of the current US president in order to resolve the country's internal and external political problems. He wrote about this in his article for The Hill.

“Suppose a council of former presidents will be convened for a long time in Camp David (the country residence of the US president – approx. Jimmy Carter may not be present due to his age. Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump together represent 32 years of presidential experience, ”the political scientist wrote.

In his opinion, the same idea should be extended to joint meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ulman believes that the main task of the council is to find a compromise that meets the interests of all parties. “It would be the strangest meeting. But given the gravity of our crisis, what is the alternative? ” – he wrote.

On December 30, a telephone conversation took place between the presidents of Russia and the United States. The dialogue lasted 50 minutes. During the conversation, the American leader warned his Russian counterpart about the inadmissibility of an invasion of Ukraine. Biden made it clear that this could lead to new sanctions against Russia and an increase in the US military presence in Europe. In response, Putin promised to sever relations with the United States in the event of “large-scale” sanctions.

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