Fought: the Ukrainian military eliminated the Russian commander, Lieutenant Colonel Dosyagaev


Fighted: Ukrainian the military liquidated the Russian commander, Lieutenant Colonel Dosyagaev

He fought: the Ukrainian military liquidated the Russian commander, Lieutenant Colonel Dosyagaev/Collage of Channel 24

The Ukrainian military is effectively destroying Russian officers. Russian Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dosyagaev joined Cargo 200.

Russian lieutenant colonel Alexander Dosyagaev was the commander of the airborne assault battalion of the 104th airborne assault regiment. The Ukrainian military successfully destroyed it.

Was a participant in the festival “Army of Russia-2021”

Alexander Dosyagaev even participated in a special military festival of the Army of Russia- 2021. He was the best in the Winged Infantry category. However, this difference did not help him in any way during a meeting with soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Defenders joke that now Dosyagaev has joined the VIP club of Kobzon fans.

The commander of the air assault battalion of the 104th air assault regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Dosyagaev, has joined the VIP fans of Kobzon's work. Alexander became the best in the “Winged Infantry” nomination at the “Army of Russia-2021” festival, but this did not help him when meeting with Ukrainian soldiers. Believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Ukraine will win! – write the Ukrainian military.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed a huge number of infidels

The Russian invaders definitely did not expect such serious losses after three months of a full-scale war. On the 94th day of the invasion, the infidels had already lost 30,000 personnel. It is worth adding a significant number of wounded to this, however, data on the “300s” are not published, because they are difficult to calculate.

Over the past day, May 27, the Ukrainian military destroyed 250 Russian invaders. The enemy suffered more losses in the Avdiivka and Krivoy Rog directions.

The Ukrainian defenders have already managed to destroy:

  • personnel – about 30,000 people;
  • tanks – 1,330 units;
  • AFVs (armored fighting vehicles) – 3,258 units;
  • artillery systems – 628 units;
  • MLRS (multiple launch rocket systems) – 203 units;
  • air defense systems – 93 units;
  • aircraft – 207 units;
  • helicopters – 174 units;
  • drones operationally -tactical level – 503 units;
  • cruise missiles – 116 units;
  • ships and boats – 13 units;
  • automotive equipment and tankers – 2226 units;< /li>
  • special equipment – 48 units.

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