Four Ukrainians detained in Poland: they were transporting illegal migrants


Four Ukrainians detained in Poland: they were transporting illegal migrants

Polish border guards deployed about a hundred illegal migrants on the border with Belarus. At the same time, they detained four citizens of Ukraine who helped such people with subsequent transportation.

On Sunday, March 19, the Border Guard Service of the neighboring state informed that 90 illegal migrants tried to get from Belarus to Poland during the day. They are known to be native to Asia and Africa.

What countries were the migrants from?

Note that a significant part of the total number of people wishing to cross the border had passports from Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Actually, the largest group, which included 31 people, was stopped in the Belovezha region.

Also, the border guards detained four citizens of Ukraine for transporting migrants who still managed to quietly cross the border of the European Union. They were stopped near the settlements of Melnik and Cheryomukha, according to the media.

Note! As you know, since the summer of 2020, Lukashenka has organized a migration crisis on the borders of Belarus' European neighbors, facilitating the arrival of citizens from Africa and the Middle East.

Probably, this is such a revenge for the sanctions against the regime of the Belarusian dictator, organized by the EU countries.

Poland is building a military base on the border with Russia

  • Poland announced the construction of a military base in the city of Olecki, located near the border with Russia – that is, near Kaliningrad. Warsaw is convinced that this will not only help strengthen the security of the region, but also give an economic impetus.
  • In addition, the Polish Ambassador to France, Jan Emerik Rosciszewski, said that Poland does not exclude the possibility of war with Russia. However, they are ready to take this step only as a last resort.

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