Fourth semi-final of the competition

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Moscow. August 10. INTERFAX.RU – The fourth semi-final of the “Digital Breakthrough 2021” competition – one of the projects of the presidential platform “Russia – the Land of Opportunities” – will be held from 20 to 22 August, and registration for it is open until 15 August. The hackathon will focus on creative industries. Its participants will be able to solve urgent problems from the largest commercial companies and government agencies. The operator of the competition is the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC).

Technology plays a critical role in the development of creative industries: game development, AR and VR, music, art, advertising, architecture, cinematography, animation. The fourth hackathon of the Digital Breakthrough competition is dedicated to these and many other topics. Registration for it is open until August 15.

Teams will solve problems online as well as in offline coworking spaces. 25 regional IT hubs will be connected to the work of the fourth semifinal.

Alexei Agafonov, Deputy Director General of the Russia – Country of Opportunities ANO, spoke about the relevance of the hackathon theme: “The creative economy is developing intensively in Russia and around the world. According to UNESCO estimates, the contribution of the creative economy to world GDP is about 3%. According to UNESCO forecasts, in In the coming years, the contribution of the creative economy to global GDP will increase to 10%, and this growth is largely due to digitalization: digital art, online concerts, VR films – these and many other phenomena are no longer the future, but the present. our hackathon will present many creative and breakthrough solutions “

“The creative economy has a significant impact on job creation – today the creative industries employ about 30 million people worldwide. At the same time, the creative economy provides more employment opportunities for young people aged 18 to 25 than any other area of employment. , we always note the high demand for IT specialists in all industries. And, in my opinion, the developers are some of the most creative specialists. The synergy of creative industries and technologies is useful and effective for everyone, “said the director of RAEC, head of the Digital Breakthrough project Sergey Plugotarenko.

At the hackathon, participants can choose one of eight proposed cases to solve. Thus, the case from PJSC Rostelecom will be devoted to the creation of a graphic editor for the company's design system. The State Atomic Energy Corporation “Rosatom” offered the contestants to solve the problem of automatically converting the recording of meetings into minutes. The case from the “Gallery” company is aimed at developing a software solution for the optimal planning of advertising campaigns on digital billboards based on wifi analytics data. The Interfax Group proposed a case study for the development of a name generator for news items (stories). The assignment from the Ministry of Digital Development and Information and Communication Technologies of the Novgorod Region will allow the contestants to create an interactive map of the folklore of the Novgorod Region. The Ministry of Culture of the Samara Region proposed a case study on the development of a system for automated interaction with travel bloggers. A case from the Ulyanovsk – Cultural Capital Foundation is aimed at developing a digital platform for managing a creative cluster, and a case from the Federation of Creative Industries and the Association of Film and Television Producers (APKiT) is aimed at developing a video editor to solve the problem of extraneous information in the frame.

The total prize fund of the hackathon will be 4.5 million rubles. After winning the semifinals, the teams will advance to the final stage, where they will solve problems from government agencies, businesses and startups.

There are 4 more hackathons-semifinals of the competition ahead: “Finance, banking, insurance”, “Society. Quality of life and social support”, “Transport and logistics”, “Agriculture. Environmental protection. Foodtech”. Teams of IT specialists, designers and digital economy managers over 18 years old can take part in the Digital Breakthrough competition. To do this, you need to register on the website The competition is being implemented within the framework of the federal project “Social elevators for each” of the national project “Education”.

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