France predicted a war in three regions of the Earth in 2022

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Le Monde: war in 2022 could break out in Ukraine, Taiwan and Iran

France predicted a war in three regions of the Earth in 2022


In 2022, a large-scale military conflict may erupt in three regions of the Earth at once. Famous French journalist Alain Frachon made such a forecast in an article for the center-left edition of Le Monde.

According to the columnist, the greatest international tension over the past year has developed around Ukraine, Iran and Taiwan. He said that it was in this order that world leaders should rank the threat of a large-scale conflict, and jokingly apologized to insurance companies for “potential losses.”

“The Russian president [Vladimir Putin] has declared that he is ready to go to Kiev and subjugate the whole of Ukraine. He took care of the demonstration of the military power of his country in advance: ultra-modern missile systems, destructive capabilities in space, large-scale maneuvers on the borders of Ukraine, ”wrote Frachon.

He predicted that the main factor in the resumption of the war in Donbass would be the unwillingness of the United States to accept the security guarantees offered by Russia and the “red lines” on NATO's eastward expansion. “Putin wants a new 'security architecture in Europe' – in fact, to return, as far as possible, the zone of Russian influence that existed during the Soviet era. To do this, NATO will have to close its doors to any new members, ”the journalist explained.

The second region where a new war could potentially start, Frachon considered Iran. He pointed out that by early 2022, the country had reached a 60 percent uranium enrichment level – enough to start producing nuclear weapons. At the same time, as the author of the article assures, the space for a compromise between Tehran and the Western states remains less and less.

The third potentially dangerous region on the journalist's list is Taiwan. The expert assured that the intensification of naval exercises near the rebellious island, which is controlled by the Republic of China, indicates an imminent military invasion by the PRC. He suggested that Washington's ambiguous position on this score and the unwillingness of the American authorities to intervene in the situation only “unties the hands” of Beijing and stimulates it to resolve the long-standing territorial dispute in a short period of time.

Earlier, a list of potential “powder kegs” on the planet was compiled by the American magazine Foreign Policy. According to observers, in 2022 these include Ethiopia, Iran, Taiwan and Ukraine. Journalists believe that in these regions of the earth the risk of a large-scale military conflict is at a very high level.

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