France shuts down propaganda channel RT after blocking accounts

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Vo France closes propaganda channel RT after blocking accounts

At the same time, propagandists for some reason complained about the ruling party of France.

Russian propaganda channel RT France reported about its closure in France after its accounts were blocked under the ninth package of EU sanctions against Russia.

The TV channel reported this on the Web.

“After five years of perseverance, the ruling power has achieved its goal of shutting down RT France,” the media press release said.

The authors of the report added that RT France could not continue operating due to the freezing of bank accounts.

” Under the guise of the 9th package of sanctions against Russia – which is not directed against our channel, but against our shareholder and parent company – the General Directorate of the Treasury decided to freeze close the bank accounts of RT France, which makes it impossible to continue our activities“, the statement says.

Recall that only on January 19 it became known that in France all the means of the propaganda channel RT were blocked France as part of the ninth package of EU sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

Note that the latest EU sanctions included Russian channels that are under the influence of the Kremlin and “spread Russian disinformation and propaganda.” We are talking about NTV, Channel One, Russia 1 and REN TV.

We add that the Berlin prosecutor's office has launched an investigation into the work of the “Russian House of Science and Culture” in the city. An inspection will be carried out for violation of the law on foreign economic activity. We are talking about European sanctions against the Russian Federation.

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