France will help restore the Chernihiv region

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France will help restore the Chernihiv region< /p>

French diplomats recalled long-standing ties with the Ukrainian city of Chernigov, which was destroyed in the first weeks of Russian aggression.

French state and local authorities will focus their efforts on restoring infrastructure in the Chernihiv region, which was badly damaged by Russian bombing in the first weeks of the war.

This is stated in the message of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the context of a conference in Lugano, Switzerland, dedicated to the restoration of Ukraine.

As stated in message, this international conference allows to begin coordination between partners and lay down the principles that should underpin the reconstruction of Ukraine.

“The city of Chernihiv has established long-standing ties with France. These efforts will complement the humanitarian, economic, financial, diplomatic and military assistance that France has been providing to Ukraine since February 24. She will fulfill her allegiance for as long as necessary,” the French diplomats noted.

Recall that a conference on the restoration of our state after the Russian invasion began in Lugano, Switzerland.

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