“Freedom to Ukraine, Putin is the devil”: last call in Dagestan spoke out against the war


“Freedom to Ukraine, Putin is the devil”: a graduate “broke” the last call in Dagestan/Screenshot with video

The last call in one of the schools in Dagestan did not go according to plan. The scenario of the organizers decided to “correct” a little the brave graduate.

The Russians are ready to endure all the wanderings due to sanctions and endure the dictatorial regime. But sometimes there are brave people among them who are ready to tell the truth and refuse to live in the distorted reality that Russia has built. one of the Dagestan schools, the last bell holiday did not go according to plan. When the microphone passed into the hands of one of the graduates, she decided to set an example for everyone and loudly declare her position.

No to war. Freedom in Ukraine. Putin – damn! she said, turned the microphone and left the stage.

Situation in Russia: latest news

Sanctions of Ukraine's Western partners have a very painful impact on the Russian economy. Citizens of the occupying country are increasingly complaining about rising prices, lack of goods and low quality of Russian products.

However, the Russians are not going to actively oppose the war and destroy their dictatorial regime. Moreover, many Russians support the war against Ukraine, and the relatives of Russian soldiers not only calmly listen to stories about atrocities against civilian Ukrainians and captured soldiers, but also encourage them to repeat the crimes further.

True, go to die in the war against Russians don't really want Ukraine. They set fire to the military registration and enlistment offices and look for ways to avoid the covert mobilization that the occupiers carry out because of insane losses. The morale of the invaders themselves is also at a very low level – the command directly tells them that they will die, but they do not receive the payments promised by Russia. In addition, Russia began to take away from the soldiers the funds that they gave for getting wounded in the war against Ukraine.

The war of Russia against Ukraine: a brief summary of the latest news

  • The Dnipropetrovsk region again turned out to be under the fire of Russian invaders. The rocket fell into the Samara River, no one was injured.
  • While the Russian invaders are sending doctors from Crimea to the war against Ukraine, an active partisan movement has already begun on the peninsula. Activists manage to inform the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the movement of enemy equipment, as well as spread the truth among local residents.

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