From missiles to Ka-52, Mi-8 and Su-25: the Armed Forces of Ukraine told where they manage to eliminate the most targets


From missiles to Ka-52, Mi-8 and Su-25: the Armed Forces of Ukraine told where it is possible to eliminate the most targets

Russia daily resorts to aerial terrorism, attacking with missiles and drones from aircraft all Ukrainian cities. However, the Armed Forces manage to eliminate enemy attack aircraft and helicopters. In particular, it became known where the enemy has the most adversity.

The Air Force stated that Kyiv and the region suffer most from air terrorism, because the enemy is trying to leave without light, first of all, inhabitants of the heart of our state. Actually, this was announced by representative Yuri Ignat during a briefing, – informs Channel 24. He also said where the Armed Forces work most effectively.

The enemy is left without aircraft

Ignat confirmed that the Air Force manages most of all to eliminate enemy aircraft near the collision line. We are talking, in particular, about the Ka-52, which is also called “Alligators”, Mi-8 transport aircraft and Su-25 attack aircraft. According to the speaker, this is the technique that most supports ground troops.

In addition, Ignat noted that, unlike the Russian side, the General Staff knows what tactics are right so that as many aircraft as possible remain unscathed.

This is the skill of our pilots and governing bodies. They understand how to use technology correctly. And we don't have such negative results as Russia has. You saw how positive for the statistics on the elimination of air targets for several days in a row, he stated.

At the same time, Ignat noted that the Air Force daily inflicts up to 15 group air strikes on the invaders, working together with the army aviation of the ground forces. As he said, due to the activation of the enemy in the Bakhmut direction, the Kremlin loses from 2 to 6 air targets daily. that there is a revival of hostilities in this Bakhmut direction, where our fortress stands. The enemy is supporting the suicide bombers who are climbing there,” Ignat added.

Good luck to the Ukrainian army on the collision line: latest news

  • On the evening of January 27, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the aviation of the Defense Forces in a day, it delivered 7 strikes on the concentration areas of the invaders and one strike on the positions of enemy anti-aircraft missile systems.
  • In addition, in the east of our state, Ukrainian defenders shot down another Russian Su-25 attack aircraft.
  • But the National Guardsmen “grounded” the Russian Mi-24 helicopter near Bakhmut at about 10:40. A group of an anti-aircraft missile and artillery battalion detected hostile air targets.

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