From “Ukraine in three days” to finding compromises: why China changed its position during the year of the war



For a year since the outbreak of a full-scale war in Ukraine, China has remained aloof from this situation. However, now Beijing has decided to try to extract certain dividends from it.

Mikhail Samus, deputy director of the Army Research Center, told Channel 24 about this. According to him, China still believes that Ukraine cannot defeat such a monster as Russia.

It is known that Chinese leader Xi Jinping plans to visit Moscow. However, so far there has been no official confirmation from the government.

China saw benefits in losing Ukraine

He himself denied the suggestion that China could become Russia's ally in the war.

If Putin's dream of three days, in which he takes Kyiv, then changes the government in Ukraine, which becomes a controlled territory, came true, such an option would be good enough for China. – said the expert.

China saw this as an opportunity to break through the union of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to the European market and try to compete with the United States.

Samus on China's position on the war: watch the video

USA competition

I myself am convinced that the opinion that it is possible to compete with the United States is a huge mistake of China. For Beijing, this will end tragically.

The situation that is now developing is not in China's interests. Putin once again destroyed all the dreams of restoring the possible global projects of the Chinese leader,” the speaker noted.

Now Xi Jinping is trying to get certain advantages for himself, he wants to become a peacemaker, so that later he can try to join the restoration of Ukraine, destroyed by Russia and improve his relations with Europe and show strength to the United States of America.

How China sees the outbreak of war

If it is possible to freeze the conflict on Russia's terms, this will prevent the United States from being close to Russia geopolitically, Samus emphasized. For China, this option seems more acceptable.

Because China is now trying to try to stop the war, to stop it so that Russia gets what they think. That is, Crimea and Donbass are Russian, Ukraine agrees with this. Then they restore Ukraine,” the expert added.

China sincerely believes that the Ukrainians should agree to such terms. Beijing itself is historically afraid of Russia, which is why it is convinced that the Ukrainians should agree to their proposals.

“Partly they think so in Europe. They don’t understand how it is possible to fight these barbarians, they think that it is easier to pay off them, there is no chance to fight with them, because they are just animals,” Samus noted.

Chinese Foreign Policy: Latest

  • In the near future, Xi Jinping will fly to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin. Yaroslav Bozhko, head of the Doctrine Center for Political Studies, believes that this visit by the head of China is an attempt to impress the West that the anti-Western alliance of China, Iran, Russia, North Korea and Belarus is not amorphous, but has a stable agenda.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that Chinese leader Xi Jinping plans to speak with Volodymyr Zelensky. In all likelihood, he will do this after a visit to Moscow. This may be the first conversation between the leaders of China and Ukraine during the Russian-Ukrainian war.
  • Political scientist Igor Reiterovich noted that China will continue to keep the Kremlin on a short leash. In his opinion, China cannot allow Russia to win in Ukraine the way Russia sees fit. On the other hand, China cannot allow Russia to lose the way Ukraine and our partners see it, for example.

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