Frosts are returning to Ukraine: where and when it will be coolest


Frost returns to Ukraine: where and when it will be coolest

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">Frost is returning to Ukraine next week. So it is worth preparing warm hats and gloves. Whether there will be big minuses and whether there will be snowfall, we will tell further.

Night frosts are back

Already from Tuesday, January 24 , throughout the territory of our state, frosts will reign again at night. However, weather forecasters give hope that there will be no strong ones yet.

In particular, in the West it is predominantly -1 … -3 degrees, in the North up to -5, in the East it is mainly up to -4.

< p> The coolest thing is in the Kharkiv region. There at night it is already up to 7 degrees of frost. Meanwhile, in Odessa and Crimea, the weather will be milder, so the thermometer will reach 0…-2.

Weather forecast for January 24/Screenshot from Ukrhydrometcenter

Note that according to preliminary forecasts, the same temperature will be on January 25. By the way, during the day almost the entire territory of Ukraine is already -1…+1 degree. Only in the South and Uzhgorod +2…+4.

It will also be cloudy with clearings. However, neither rains nor snowfalls are predicted in Ukraine yet.

Pay attention! Always remember our defenders and defenders who never cease to defend Ukraine from Russian invaders, regardless of weather conditions. If you have the opportunity, help with donations and warm clothes. Together to victory!

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