FSB ex-captain who changed gender during the war was detained in Moscow


FSB ex-captain who changed gender during the war was detained in Moscow

A transgender woman was not released from Russia. Previously, she was a captain in the federal security service.

Security forces in Moscow detained Ekaterina Myers because she is the bearer of state secrets. Before the sex change, Myers was FSB captain Alexander Chumakov. This is reported by a number of Russian resources.

Incident details

A criminal case was opened against Myers because of an attempt to leave Russia. This happened on December 22, 2022 at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. A transgender woman was planning a holiday in Mexico. However, the security services detained him.

Myers was about 10 hours in the border control zone. Subsequently, she was allowed to go home, but the police came there with searches.

The most transgender woman in her social networks said that her personal diary, minutes of meetings (court and office), literature about LGBT were taken from her. They also took drugs with hormones that Myers uses after a sex change. The woman was taken to the investigation department of the FSB. After that, she stopped communicating.

Before the sex change, Alexander Chumakov was a border guard in the FSB. He left the service in 2021, and changed his gender last summer. Due to his previous job, he cannot leave Russia until 2026.

Borders closed in Russia

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia does not allow men subject to mobilization to cross the state border. They do not even let out those who are limitedly suitable for military service.

“From January 9, 2023, from 00:00, the border department of the FSB of Russia will ensure that citizens who have a conclusion on readiness for military service from categories “A”, “B” and “C” leave the territory of the Russian Federation. FSB.

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