G7 to discuss Marshall plan for Ukraine – Scholz


On G7 will discuss the Marshall Plan for Ukraine, – Scholz

Scholz commented on the restoration of Ukraine/Channel 24 Collage

Olaf Scholz said that at the G7 summit they would talk about Ukraine. In particular, about the Marshall Plan for our state.

The corresponding statement during a speech in the German Bundestag was made by Olaf Scholz. It happened on June 22, on the 119th day of the full-scale war that Russia launched against Ukraine.

Scholz made a statement about the restoration of Ukraine

Olaf Scholz explained that the restoration of Ukraine will be the task of generations. The German Chancellor remembered his visit to Irpin, Kyiv region. In particular, he explained that it reminded him of German cities after World War II.

Like Europe then, today Ukraine needs a Marshall Plan for its recovery. Scholz said.

Regarding the recovery, Scholz explained that:

  • many billions of euros and dollars will be needed, and it will also take years;
  • except funding, the decisive factor is an agreement on what such a Marshall Plan for Ukraine would look like;
  • how this will be coordinated at the international level;
  • what investments will most quickly promote Ukraine in its European path.

It is for this that the German Chancellor wants to create a commission of experts together with the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

It is worth remembering that Scholz said that he invited Vladimir Zelensky to participate in the G7 summit.

Marshall Plan Brief

  • The Marshall Plan helped Europe recover after World War II. It was put forward in 1947 by US Secretary of State George Marshall.
  • It should be remembered that world leaders began to discuss a kind of Marshall plan for Ukraine. In particular, on May 23, the President of the Davos Economic Forum called for a Marshall Plan for Ukraine. Borge Brende explained that this is what they want to achieve in Davos. It is also for this purpose that general directors will be brought together – under the motto “General directors for Ukraine.”
  • In May, Volodymyr Zelensky said that Ukraine needs an analogue of the Marshall Plan. The President of Ukraine explained that more powerful participation of the countries of the free world and international institutions in the restoration of Ukraine is needed.

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