Gaidai told how the Russian lie that “Ukraine is bombing Donbass” is shattered


Gaidai told how the Russian lie that "Ukraine is bombing Donbass" is shattered

How the Russian lie that “Ukraine is bombing Donbass” is shattered/Channel 24 Collage

Fans Russia is shouted from almost every teapot that allegedly Ukraine is bombing the peaceful Donbass. And this has been happening, according to them, for 8 years. However, in fact, there is a lot of evidence that this is a lie.

And it is very easy to reveal it. This was stated by the head of the Lugansk OVA Serhiy Gaidai, Channel 24 reports.

He noted that the network has a lot of evidence from the residents of the occupied territories themselves that the Russian military is bombing Donbass. In support of this, numerous videos can be cited, which show how the “exit” is going on, and literally seconds later, an explosion immediately occurs on the territory they occupied.

That is, when in In the rear, people hear “exit” and immediately “arrival”, which means that they are shooting somewhere nearby. They cannot hear in Alchevsk “exits” that were made from the territory controlled by Ukraine. It's impossible. The distance is very large, – Gaidai emphasized.

The head of the Lugansk OVA also addressed the residents of the occupied territories. He said that, according to them, they had been bombed for 8 years. And it seems that the Ukrainian army is doing this.

“If this is true, then why are you surprised at the explosions?” Gaidai summed up.

What is happening in Donbass now

Now the most brutal battles continue in the Donbass. The enemy, having no serious victories after 4 months of the so-called “special operation”, decided to throw all his forces into the Lugansk region.

According to the head of the Luhansk region, one must understand that the Russian invaders have a significant advantage in artillery, heavy equipment and personnel. That is why, as he emphasized, the tactics chosen by the Ukrainian military leadership are correct.

Indeed, the Russians are pulling up the last reserves, we will stop them in the near future,” Gaidai said .

Unfortunately, on June 20, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost control over Metelkin, and after a while they also withdrew from Severodonetsk. Gaidai stressed that the lost settlements do not mean that we have lost the war. The Armed Forces of Ukraine will defend the Luhansk region to the last.

Head of the Lugansk OVA noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are succeeding somewhere on the battlefield, and in some areas they have to hold back the enemy and retreat to new positions. At the same time, he stressed that the Armed Forces of Ukraine inflict colossal losses on the invaders.

“All this is done for one goal – to win!” Gaidai said.

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