Gaidai warned that the Russians pulled a lot of mobilized and equipment to the Luhansk region


Gaidai warned that the Russians had sent a lot of conscripts and equipment to the Luhansk region

Sergei Gaidai said that as of October 18, the occupiers had brought a lot of mobilized people, as well as equipment, to the Luhansk region. However, the Ukrainian gunners have already shown excellent results, they have success.

Gaidai spoke about the situation in the Luhansk region on the air of the telethon. The head of the Lugansk OVA said that the invaders blew up several bridges in order to make it impossible for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to quickly counterattack.

At the same time, Ukrainian soldiers continue to show the invaders that they have no chance in the temporarily occupied territories. In particular, Ukrainian artillerymen are very successful.

Ukrainian artillerymen in the Luhansk region clearly fall into the compositions and command posts of the occupiers,” Gaidai said.

Mezhdu Meanwhile, the occupiers, who have lost in all directions, cynically shoot the de-occupied settlements. Gaidai stressed that it is dangerous for local residents to return to their homes.

In addition, the invaders continue to bring fresh “mobiles” to the Luhansk region. Also, a lot of enemy equipment is being pulled there.

Gaidai about the de-occupation of the Lugansk region

Earlier, Gaidai also noted that the liberation of the Luhansk region from Russian invaders will already take place no surprise effect. The head of the UVA announced: in the near future, Ukrainians will be able to see the result of the work of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Whatever measures the occupiers take, it will not help them.

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