Game on both sides, ex-KGB officer told how Putin and Kadyrov are interconnected


Game on both sides, ex-KGB officer told how Putin and Kadyrov are interconnected

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin met with the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov. Their meeting was remembered by the terrifying appearance of the head of the Kremlin and the reading of the text from a piece of paper by Kadyrov.

This was told to Channel 24 by ex-KGB officer and Russian foreign intelligence service Sergey Zhirnov. According to him, Putin could deliberately call Kadyrov “on the carpet” to mock him, because he was informed that the head of Chechnya was supposedly up to something.

Public mockery of Kadyrov

Sergei Zhirnov believes that Vladimir Putin could have been informed about some plans of Ramzan Kadyrov that contradicted the Kremlin's line, so Putin decided to call him “on the carpet” and publicly mock him because of his sadistic inclinations.

The ex-employee of the Russian foreign intelligence service is convinced that the relationship between Putin and Kadyrov is at stake, because Putin, with the help of the FSB, killed Kadyrov's father.

They are definitely at knifepoint, because Putin killed Ramzan's dad because of the FSB, it was Moscow who killed Akhmat Kadyrov because he was a serious local politician. He had an understanding of what he wanted to do in his republic and he was very inconvenient, – said Zhirnov.

He said that after this murder, Putin made a bet on the son of Akhmat Kadyrov – Ramzan. According to Zhirnov, Vladimir Putin understood that Ramzan Kadyrov, at that time, was a young bandit, but he was afraid of him, because he understood that Russia had lost the Chechen war, so he needed a local bandit who would keep Chechnya in his fist.

Kadyrov and Putin are interconnected, but Putin is more: watch the video

He was told that Ramzan was suitable for this case. He really proved that he fits the bill. Russia constantly pays tribute to Chechnya,” Sergei Zhirnov said.

The former KGB officer said that the annual tribute from Russia to Chechnya reaches 5 billion dollars a year, and about half of this amount Kadyrov takes personally. According to Zhirnov, Putin and Kadyrov need each other.

Putin needs him more, but Kadyrov understands that without Putin he will not survive even 30 seconds in Chechnya, because he has so many bloodlines that only Putin can protect him. Zhirnov said.

According to the ex-KGB officer, Kadyrov is not a very smart person, because he did not make friends behind Putin's back with important Russian officials and thus remained very convenient and beneficial for Putin.

Kadyrov and Putin met in Moscow

  • Well, the meeting, both terrorists looked very frail and sick. Kadyrov read a report to Putin, written in huge type from a piece of paper, which may indicate problems with vision or the brain.
  • Putin or someone impersonating him again noticed problems with his hands. It is difficult for him to control them, so he held on to the table during the meeting with Kadyrov.
  • Kadyrov is the only leader of the Russian regions who is allowed to tell the federal government how to live and teach Russians how to die for their homeland.

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