Games of children who survived the occupation: in the Kharkiv region, teenagers staged a symbolic checkpoint


Games of children who survived the occupation: teenagers staged a symbolic checkpoint in the Kharkiv region

Games of children who survived the occupation/Collage 24 channel

In a liberated settlement near Kharkov, children who survived the occupation are playing completely unchildish games. They build roadblocks and “check” all the drivers.


They felt the vileness of the “Russian world” and survived the shelling. Such a life has left its mark on their entertainment. Anna Chernenko, a correspondent from Kharkiv, told about this live on Channel 24.

Say “butter”

Nazar and Artur are 10 and 11 years old. In one of the villages, the boys set up a checkpoint for children, where they conduct “checks” and ask drivers passing by to say “polyanitsa” or “Ukrzaliznytsia”.

Among their “trophies” are bulletproof vests of the Russian military, covered in blood and grids. They found them somewhere in the trenches.

They survived the Russian occupation

There are many such children's checkpoints in the country. But these children survived the occupation, the columns of the Russian military who entered the villages. They hid in basements with their parents,” the journalist said.

These guys, like dozens of others, left their villages under the threat of their lives in order to return home later. Without even knowing where else to return.

“Children are a vivid example of the fact that they will grow up pro-Ukrainian and deeply understand the situation that is happening in Ukraine,” Chernenko added.

< p> The guys set up a checkpoint in the de-occupied Kharkiv region: watch the video

Last attacks on Kharkiv: briefly

  • The mayor of Kharkiv said that on the night of August 3, the city There were two explosions during the air raid. Previously, there was no fire, no casualties.
  • On the morning of August 1, the Russians attacked the famous Saltovka in Kharkov. Then, as a result of shelling, a man standing at a public transport stop was wounded.
  • Subsequently, Anna Chernenko, a correspondent from Kharkov, reported that the man subsequently died from his injuries.
  • Before that, on the night of August 31 the infidels hit the city again. Then, in Kharkov, the enemies damaged several buildings.

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