Garbage burns in Mariupol: poisonous smog covered the entire area


V Mariupol is on fire with a landfill: poisonous smog covered the entire region

Mariupol covered with poisonous smog due to a burning landfill/Collage 24 channels

Mariupol continues to suffer from the Russians. The invaders not only destroyed the city with their bombs and shells, but also continue to threaten any manifestations of life in the city in every possible way.

Russian infidels continue to deal with the consequences of their crimes against Mariupol and try to destroy evidence of the genocide of Ukrainians. As is always the case with the Russians, all their attempts to hide the horrors only aggravate the situation.

Fire at a landfill in Mariupol

As the city council of Mariupol reported, a fire broke out at the mothballed waste landfill along Flotskaya Street. As a result of burning garbage, poisonous smog covered the entire Primorsky region. Infidels do not have any means and capacities to cope with such a situation.

The lives and health of thousands of people are under threat, the city is on the verge of an ecological disaster. Hazardous substances such as furans and dioxins are released into the air as a result of a fire. In addition, it is known about the spread of the carcinogen benzopyrene, which has the highest hazard class with the level of impact on the body.

As the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko stated, the fire arose as a result of the chaotic and illiterate actions of infidels. Because of them, thousands of residents are forced to breathe emissions containing toxic chemical compounds.

Russian infidels themselves destroyed and stole all the equipment, so they can neither eliminate nor localize the fire.

If this is not done in time, the fire will enter the body of the landfill and it will be almost impossible to extinguish it, which will lead to an environmental disaster. This is absolute cynicism and bullying of civilians, their lives and health are in danger,” Boychenko said.

The situation in Mariupol: a brief update on the latest news

  • It is extremely difficult in Mariupol the situation is not only with water and food, but also with medicines. Russian kafirs cannot provide people with insulin. Those have to amputate limbs. It became known that these cases are far from isolated.
  • The Russians have already begun to build fortifications and prepare for the defense of Mariupol. The enemy also allowed people to travel to Zaporozhye to cover the columns of their equipment.

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