Gas hub in the EU, political scientist explained why Germany wants to restore Nord Stream 2

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EU gas hub, – political scientist explains why Germany wants to restore Nord Stream- 2"

The German ruling coalition announced the need to launch Nord Stream 2. Russia, which wants to “probe” the mood of German society, may be involved in such statements.

This Channel 24 was told by political scientist Alexander Antonyuk. In his opinion, in the fall we should expect new statements about the need to launch the gas pipeline, the certification of which was stopped due to Russia's war in Ukraine.

Antonyuk noted that before the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany made big bets on the “Northern stream-2”.

This is a multi-billion dollar project. He created certain economic positions for Germany, which saw itself as a kind of gas hub in the European Union, the political scientist said.

Russian lobby in action

Political scientist believes that statements about the need to launch Nord Stream 2 are the result of the actions of the Russian lobby in Germany.

“It is present in democratic countries, especially in Germany, which has a powerful economic collaboration with Russia. Perhaps this is indirect communication. Requests can be made through politicians or even through business,” he said.

According to Antonyuk Thus, the Kremlin was trying to test how this idea would be perceived in Germany.

This is such a kind of groping about how relevant the proposal to open Nord Stream 2 is at the political level. Such a trial step,” Antonyuk explained.

Is it possible to launch Nord Stream 2

The political scientist stressed that, despite all the Kremlin's nonsense, now it is impossible to launch the gas pipeline for 2 reasons.

  • A number of states have already recognized Russia as a country sponsoring terrorism. This process continues further. Against this background, Moscow will not be able to get such a success as the launch of Nord Stream 2.
  • It is completely illogical to make concessions to the Kremlin and open the gas pipeline and at the same time talk about sanctions against the Russian Federation.

Antonyuk is convinced that Germany's position on Nord Stream 2 will remain unchanged: Berlin will not approve of such an idea.

“The Russian Federation has become too toxic,” he added.

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German scandalous bid: what is known

  • Wolfgang Kubicki, vice speaker of the Bundestag for the Free Democratic Party, which is part of Germany's ruling coalition, said Germany needs to launch Nord Stream 2 to fill gas storage facilities for the winter. According to him, “there is no good reason” not to launch the pipeline. At the same time, the Vice Speaker of the Bundestag noted that Germany could close Nord Stream 2 after the gas storage tanks are filled.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reacted to the scandalous statement of the Vice Speaker of the Bundestag. Dmitry Kuleba called what is happening “drug addiction”. The Foreign Minister also added that such intentions are absolutely irrational.
  • The Office of the President emphasized that the topic of Nord Stream 2 should be closed forever. Otherwise, it looks like a warm-up to terrorists.
  • The German government rejected the idea of ​​the Vice Speaker of the Bundestag to launch Nord Stream 2. In particular, the leader of the Free Democratic Party and Finance Minister Christian Lindner do not support the proposal of his party deputy, Wolfgang Kubiki. Lindner said that such an idea is “wrong and absurd”.

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