Gates assessed the prospects of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus

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Gates assessed the prospects of the Russian vaccine against coronavirus

Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates assessed the prospects for Russian and Chinese vaccines against coronavirus. He discussed this at an online seminar organized by The Wall Street Journal.

According to him, the approaches of Moscow and Beijing to the creation of a vaccine against COVID-19 are fully justified from a scientific point of view. However, Western companies are conducting more trials of drugs, and therefore they may be in greater demand on the international market. “If they are successful and offered at a low price, it is unlikely that a lot of Russian or Chinese vaccine will reach outside these countries,” said the billionaire.

Gates added that his foundation maintains contacts with Moscow and Beijing and is consulting with many pharmaceutical companies that are involved in developing the vaccine. “In fact, there are some similarities [Russian and Chinese vaccines] with what Western companies do. But Western companies are ahead of the third phase of testing, ”he said.

Earlier, Gates predicted that the coronavirus pandemic would end in 2022 at best. According to Gates, the global vaccination rate fell by 14 percent during the pandemic and wiped out the progress made in the previous 20 years.

The first vaccine against coronavirus in Russia was developed by the Gamaleya Center, it was named Sputnik V. The mass production of the drug started on August 15, the first to receive it are physicians and citizens from risk groups. Mass vaccination against coronavirus will be launched in 2021.

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