Gauleiter's windows were shattered – Fedorov about night explosions 10 kilometers from Melitopol


Gauleiter's windows were broken, – Fedorov about nighttime explosions 10 kilometers from Melitopol< /p>

Explosions were heard not far from Melitopol, as a result of which the Gauleiter's windows were shattered. We are talking about Yury Radkov.

Relevant information was reported by the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, on August 28 on the air of the United News telethon. It is known that Radkov is the chief gauleiter of the village of Mirnoe.

windows were shattered during the clapping of the gauleiter

Ivan Fedorov said that there are already consequences of the explosions on the night of August 28. In particular, a motor depot was blown up 10 kilometers from Melitopol in the village of Mirnoye.

It is also significant that the motor depot has a fence in the fence with the house of the main Gauleiter, intended in Mirny Ryadkovy. And in his house, windows and doors also flew out, – Fedorov said.

In particular, the mayor of the city remembered that they had created a dangerous situation for the occupier, which is good news.

Regarding the mood of the main Gauleiters and those who are responsible for organizing the referemum: “After our resistance forces have actively worked out, there is already such a queue of Gauleiters calling us to the Ukrainian special services and they say to tell the resistance forces and partisans that they will no longer participate in the organization of a quasi-referendum, so that our partisans do not touch them.”

Ivan Fedorov remembered that more than one or two Gauleiters suffered from our partisans. However, they warned that everyone involved in the organization of the referendum would be responsible for this.

Briefly about the shelling of Mariupol

  • On the night of August 28, in Melitopol and not far from the city, explosions .
  • In particular, the enemy motor depot felt the blows. In local telegram channels, the enemy partially confirmed the hit in the base. It was located in the village of Mirnoye.
  • It is preliminary known that the second explosion was on one of the largest bases of the occupiers on the territory of Avtotsveta. She was destroyed.

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