General mobilization in Ukraine: who has no right to serve subpoenas


“Representatives of the police, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, territorial defense do not have the right to issue subpoenas, but can accompany authorized persons during the delivery of subpoenas already drawn up by the military enlistment office,” Usichenko emphasized.

The lawyer emphasized one more point. According to her, the delivery of subpoenas by the employer, as well as close relatives of the conscript, is not considered the direct delivery of the subpoena. True, there is one “but”.

But military registration and enlistment offices can oblige employers to hand over subpoenas to their employees. This rule applies to both employers who are government agencies and employers who are ordinary entrepreneurs, the lawyer noted.

In Ukraineauthorized persons are:

  • employees of territorial recruitment and social support centers,
  • heads of enterprises where the person liable for military service works
  • < li>as well as representatives of local governments.

Where can you get a subpoena

Major Oleksandr Melnychuk answered this question . He stressed that no one hands over summonses in the “apartment to apartment” format. There is no such circumvention when residents of an entire entrance receive invitations to the shopping center.

According to him, employeesof the shopping center have a list of registered people in their hands. And it is to them that people come to deliver a message or agenda. But this does not happen so massively, he emphasizes.

As fordelivery of subpoenas on the streets, then, according to Major, it is more of a PR campaign. > Thus, they remind that those liable for military service should visit the TCC on their own.

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