Genetic research has shown the causes of hemorrhoids

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Genetic research has shown the causes of hemorrhoids

Researchers have looked at the DNA of nearly a million people and have identified some of the causes of hemorrhoids.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to 40% of the world's working-age population suffer from hemorrhoids. Scientists name many factors that influence the disease. This is a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity, and smoking, and childbirth. The researchers decided to test how heredity affects hemorrhoids.

As a result, scientists discovered 102 regions of the genome that were associated with the risk of hemorrhoids. These genes are involved in the control of smooth muscle function as well as in the development and integrity of epithelial and endothelial structures in the intestine.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that hemorrhoids are the result of dysfunction of smooth muscles, epithelium and connective tissue.

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