George W. Bush congratulates Biden

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George W. Bush congratulates Biden

George W. Bush

Former US President George W. Bush congratulated Democrat Joe Biden on winning the presidential election. The corresponding statement was spread by the ex-politician CNN.

He phoned President-elect Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. “Although we have political differences, I know that Biden is a worthy man who won the chance to lead our country and unite it,” the former American leader explained. According to the 43rd President of the United States, he offered Biden the same thing as Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump – “prayers for success and a promise to help in whatever way he can.”

At the same time, he noted that the current head of state still has the right to demand a recount of votes and defend his position in court. Nevertheless, the vote was fundamentally fair, ”and the outcome is clear, Bush Jr. said.

In July, it became known that portraits of two former heads of state – the 42nd President Bill Clinton and his successor in this post, Bush Jr. – were removed from the foyer of the White House. The portraits were allegedly removed at Trump's request. According to the recollections of the former adviser to the current American leader John Bolton, Trump called Clinton a “bad president” and Bush Jr. “stupid” and despised both.

On November 7, Democratic candidate Joe Biden won 290 against the required 270 electoral votes. Having secured his victory, Biden proclaimed himself the president-elect of the United States. Trump, in turn, said that the elections are not officially over yet, and the results will be appealed in court.

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