Gerashchenko offers 100 thousand for hacking the social networks of propagandist Solovyov


Gerashchenko offers 100 thousand for hacking the social networks of the propagandist Solovyov

Reward offered for hacking the social networks of Solovyov/Clint Patterson

Tem Those who hack the pages of propagandist Vladimir Solovyov are offered a monetary reward. This initiative was made by Advisor to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

To get 100,000 rubles (approximately 39,000 hryvnia) rewards, you need not only to hack Solovyov's pages. As Gerashchenko noted in an interview, one should write “Glory to Ukraine!”

The blame for the war is not only on Putin, but also on the propagandists

Anton Gerashchenko is convinced that every propagandist is guilty of starting the war just like Vladimir Putin himself. So Dmitry Kiselev, and Olga Skabeeva, and Vladimir Solovyov should also bear responsibility.

I believe that, apart from Putin, it is not so much his generals who are to blame for this war, but all these bastards: Solovyov, Skabeeva, Kiselev and other abominations,” he emphasized.

Why 100 thousand rubles? Anton Gerashchenko explained that this amount was not chosen by chance. Exactly the same amount is offered to the Russian military, who are ready to go to war against Ukraine.

Those who can hack Vladimir Solovyov's social media accounts and ask for an apology on his behalf will receive 100,000 rubles. It is clear that the repentant chief Russian propagandist should be accompanied by the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!”

Here I am, Anton Gerashchenko, announcing a prize of 100 thousand rubles. Who will hack – write to me in the chat in the telegram channel. I guarantee payment, – Gerashchenko emphasized.

Earlier, he shared an assumption about how long the war against Ukraine will continue. In his opinion, we are talking about decades. Only a new person in power in Russia can radically change the situation, but even this cannot guarantee a positive result.

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